Yoga and meditation in the heart of the pines

A holiday for personal discovery...

Breathe, listen to the wind rustling through the pines, relax your muscles and feel every inch of your body. The yoga session begins at the Green Resort. A feeling of well-being washes over you, energy surges as the morning sunlight gently caresses your closed eyelids.

Holiday time is the time to live well, to find your own rhythm, the right rhythm to beat the pace of busy and calm days, of simple, rare moments. The search for this balance is the aim of yoga, an ancient practice whose virtues for the body and mind are recognised in many cultures and medical disciplines. By combining physical and breathing exercises, you can achieve the concentration, relaxation, and muscle tone you need to make the most of your day.

Hatha yoga sessions in the shade of the pines

With Emma Champion, a graduate of the Ecole Nationale de Professeur de Yoga, young and old, beginners and experienced yogis alike, will settle down at the foot of the trees for Hatha Yoga sessions, offered every week in high season, with different levels to suit everyone.

Hatha yoga is the most widespread type of yoga because it is the most accessible, whatever your age or physical condition. It is an introduction to, or an extension of, the classical postures (asanas) that develop both strength and flexibility, as well as mastery of the breath (pranayama) and concentration.

There are many targeted benefits:

  • Physical: increased flexibility through muscle strengthening and reduced musculoskeletal disorders
  • Mental: improved concentration
  • Emotionally: better control of stress, reduced anxiety, and improved quality of sleep


Hatha yoga has the advantage of being gentle and slow, with postures that are held and worked on. The breathing slowly brings the body and mind into balance. It is open to all, regardless of age or physical condition. Practitioners will derive a feeling of well-being conducive to meditation.

To go a little further…

Throughout your course, Emma will accompany you and introduce you to many other yoga practices.

Some may opt for Vinyasa Yoga, a series of dynamic movements initiated and harmonised by the breath. Its principle is based on a tonic yet fluid succession of postures in which movement and breathing are deeply linked so that each action leads to the other. Often called Vinyasa flow, its sequences resemble a dance. Vinyasa flow is also increasingly associated with music, which makes it easier to let go. It helps to strengthen muscles and develop strength, endurance and flexibility. It sculpts and tones your figure.

Sports enthusiasts can also discover Ashtanga, a dynamic form of yoga that is becoming increasingly popular with surfers. Through a rapid sequence of postures, Ashtanga yoga helps to improve control of the body, breathing and mind, and gives the surfer a more fluid gliding motion. Ashtanga Yoga is a more advanced version of Vinyasa, much more physical and certainly the most complete. Many athletes have now adopted it, mainly to improve their mental strength and concentration, while consolidating their sporting preparation.

Yoga, meditation, massages… holiday time is a time for living well, and Green Resort’s aim is simply your well-being.

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