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Hiking in the Landes

The Pays de Seignanx includes 8 municipalities with varied landscapes: Ondres and Tarnos in the Landes forest and the edge of the ocean with its 8 km of fine sand, Saint-Barthélémy and Saint-Laurent-de-Gosse located on the edge of the Adour and more inland, the hinterland with Saint-Martin-de-Seignanx, Saint-André-de-Seignanx, Biarotte and Biaudos. All these villages are worth a visit and you can enjoy beautiful walks.Ondres

You will enjoy your stay at the Green Resort to discover the Landes forest which occupies 208 ha in the town of Ondres. Three hiking trails start on the site of your home. Practicable all year, they form a different loop on each trace easily identifiable by a clean markup of color. You will explore the pine forest where oaks, strawberry trees, broom and heather mingle, and you will be enchanted by the smell of resin and the song of cicadas in summer that will embellish your stroll in this haven of peace and greenery.

  • Green circuit – 2,5 km

Very easy and accessible to all, count 1 hour of walk on this circuit short marked in green, without difference in level.

  • Red circuit – 5,5 km –

Fácil, te tomará alrededor de 2h15 cerrar esta caminata marcada en rojo y sin elevación

  • Yellow circuit – 9,5 km –

This marked course in yellow, of medium difficulty because of its length, will require 3 hours of walking.

These three routes have the same starting point, the parking lot of the campsite Blue Ocean. At 150 meters on the path that runs along the Green Resort, you will reach a crossroads. Turning left, you will find a sign that will give you all the details and tips necessary to carry out these hikes. A drinking water point is also available.

Ondres Beach – Labenne Beach

This tour can be done on foot or by mountain bike. Round trip of about 13 km, it is relatively easy with a slight drop. It connects the two neighboring beaches through the Landes forest.

Garros and Turkish ponds

These ponds, accessible by the departmental down to Tarnos for the first and the Avenue de la Plage for the second, are places for short walks of about an hour according to the pace of each. They do not have any particular markings and join at the level of a bridge spanning the channel of Anguillère which feeds the second in water. The major interest remains a rich nature of a varied fauna and flora.


The Arremont trails: you will go to the Permanent Center for Environmental Initiatives (CPIE) at 2028, Arremont road. The car park is the starting point of four loops:

  • the green of 2 km and the blue of 4 km: during these two family strolls without particular difficulty, you will join the pond of Puntet in a preserved environment (Natura2000) and wooded. You may have the chance to see some water birds, such as herons or egrets. Follow the markup chosen to return to the car park.
  • The red 5 km and the yellow 7 km

Count between 2 and 3 hours of walking depending on the route chosen. These two tracks partially resume the previous circuits by extending them. In any case, you will return to your starting point.

The slopes of Riston offer 4 loops that cross the barthes of the Adour. Those of red and yellow color pass in front of the pond of Naciet, arranged for the picnic, and near the reserve of Lesgau which shelters many migratory birds.

CPIE Seignanx Adour is also a place to visit and exhibit on nature.


The forest of Cassou Houm: to join it, you will have to take the road towards Saint-Martin-de-Hinx. After 1 km take the rue de Partarriou where you will find the path of Cassou Houm. Some 200 meters further on, you will reach a car park and you will continue on a stony path to the starting panel. The course makes a loop of 1.6 km in the middle of afforestation, of which a part on the edge of a stream with view on the slope of Seignanx, and presents no difficulty.


Coteau and Bédorède lake: From the church car park, you will gain the purification station along the D 12 where you will take care of traffic. You will then follow the green signposting for a ride of about 1h30 and a little over 5 km. You will enjoy the varied vegetation, including beautiful ferns between pine or poplar forest near the wetlands to join Lake Bédorède, artificial water reservoir for irrigation of agricultural land. On your way several interpretation panels describe the different landscapes with precision.


This municipality, the smallest of Seignanx, has hiking trails divided into 2 loops from the town hall.

  • Coteaux et Barthes de Saint-Barthélémy: 6.6 km course and medium difficulty, you will have to count 1 h 40 of walk with a vertical drop of 112 meters. Thanks to the table of observation you will be able to appreciate the splendid sight on the valley of the Adour on bottom of the Pyrenean chain.
  • Boucle des Barthes Hautes: This long loop of 13 km and average difficulty begins at the foot of the church and is mainly on the road. You will follow the Adour and discover magnificent old houses before joining the game reserve. From there, you will take a gravel track with wide views of the Barths areas, the vast floodplain alluvial plains bordering the Adour.


Note that you will also find transition routes marked in yellow that will lead you to the Orx marsh – the nearby town – classified Natural Reserve and major birding site.

Some hiking ideas to help you discover the diversity of Seignanx between beaches and pine forest on the coast and a very different environment inland, composed of both hardwood forest where water is very present: lakes, ponds , rivers, marshes and barthes Adour will seduce you. Whichever option you choose, you will enjoy rich flora and fauna and unspoiled nature.

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