Sylvotherapy – Forest bathing

With Fabien DROUGARD, personal development coach and sports coach

The practice itself acts, above all, on physiological and psychological aspects. Silence and slowness, associated with numerous invitations to live with yourself and nature, will bring you a multitude of benefits:

– Strengthening and stimulation of the immune system;

– Lowering of heart rate and blood pressure;

– Reduction of stress by significantly reducing the level of stress hormones such as cortisol, adrenaline;

– Fight and improvement in states of anxiety and depression;

– Reduces mood changes;

– Act favourably on insomnia;

– Improvement of cognitive functions: memory, perception, attention/concentration;

– Mobilizes and promotes creative capacity…

– Help with decision making…

– Brings a feeling of lightness and clairvoyance

On an energetic level, we can observe that forest bathing contributes to a better circulation of energy flows, often associated with a feeling of serenity and a feeling of gratitude.

Trees release volatile molecules into the air, phytocides, such as alpha-pinene, which could also have anti-stress effects. Neither a stroll nor a hike, forest bathing is a deep immersion in nature for stimulation of the 5 senses. Live the present moment in full presence and awareness.


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