Afghan Walk

with Fabien DROUGARD

Did you say Afghan Walk?

Do you dream of a breath of fresh air in the Landes Forest? Running out of energy? Breathless? Or do you just want to do yourself some good and feel the need for deep relief?
Here is an activity that will fully meet your expectations.
Go with Fabien DROUGARD, former high-level athlete, personal development coach and sports coach, to the heart of the Landes Forest to discover the techniques of Afghan caravanners.
At the crossroads of physical exercise and meditation, Afghan walking places nasal breathing at the heart of the practice.
Depending on our needs, Afghan walking becomes revitalizing, efficient, soothing, or even meditative. Synchronizing steps and breathing at different rhythms depending on terrain and distance increases physical performance.
Anyone in their daily life or in their sports practice will find in Afghan walking an improvement in their physical and respiratory capacity.
You will reduce shortness of breath during exercise and on hills. You will awaken in you the caravanner capable of walking for hours while reducing fatigue.
Discover the incredible power of breath and make it an ally in your daily life.


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