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Every story has its music, let’s listen to our artists

When you love a movie, you keep your soundtrack in mind for a very long time. The story you write at Green Resort has its own music, an original and warm sound universe, composed with care of endearing characters and an irresistible talent. The sweetness of Brazil, the impertinence of the country’s child, jazz notes, surprises from Rio, Polynesia, Gascon cadences … discover those who give the tempo here.

Dom & Danae, the sweetness of a Brazilian caress

“Taste, savor, you’ll see it’s not bad! “The invitation is launched in a shared smile, a step of two lascivious and happy, executed by Dom and Danae. This young Franco-Brazilian couple, with a sparkling complicity, opens the door to a personal directory that tells the meeting of the Brazilian solar and the beautiful French in the wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro.

A playful and light journey, full of poetry, that they give you at sunset, while the divine light of the evening does not finish to gild the faces. In an eternal back and forth between Capbreton and Rio, this passionate duo sings love in all languages. On stage, Dom repeats like a mantra “tudo bom”, and the bewitched audience resumes in chorus, accompanying Danae, child of the circus, who sometimes moves away from the microphone to turn his hula-hoop. An exquisite and luminous ballad, the softness of a Brazilian caress.

Philippe Dugardyn, the terrible child of the Landes

Dry guitar and canny voice, Philippe Dugardyn, the impertinent child of the country, catapults you on the dance floor with his last title tribute “To Hossegor”. A pure and hard rock, a mischievous gallop for the one who usually flirts with energy with the Spanish rhythms. It envelops you with its spicy and irreverent melodies, syncopated cadences that invite you to sway. The pride of the Basque Country, the elegance of the Landes, the bite of Spain nearby, is a tasty mixture, heady and endearing, a little manouche, delivered by the warm Philippe Dugardyn.

To travel far and to celebrate Gascon’s identity

At Green Resort, we celebrate diversity and combine it day by day by taking you away. We also celebrate the country Gascon we love passionately. Surprise tonight, the Polynesian drums resound in the forest, swaying dancers arise on stage and even drag the most shy in a “tamure” frantic.

Another day, it is the Rio Carnival, always, that parades at Green Resort, a gift from Patrick and Querine, the owners who live half of the year in the city Carioca and like to share the fire of samba. Of course, jazz sometimes takes over the stage to make swinging people come back from a bike ride under the pines or a nice surf session. And then of course, because Green Resort applauds standing Occitan identity, the traditional boha, bagpipe Landes de Gascogne, made of rare and very applause appearances, accompanied by intrepid stilt walkers.

All these artists and many others draw the musical atmosphere of a stay at Green Resort. A special story that echoes a long time in the memory …

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