“Green attitude” = camping nature, comfort, luxury, requirement and passion

Ecotourism, our philosophy

Tourism has changed its face for many years. Our planet is beautiful and we want to browse it, it is also fragile and we must defend it. The traveler is now responsible and the sustainable tourism project. The footprint on the environment is minimized, the relationship with the local population valued and the economic impact of solidarity.

But tourism today is also about excellence. The level of demand is each time higher, while the supply grows each year. The client is not only looking for a destination and accommodation, he is waiting for a story, a project, an experience. A well-being provided by the feeling of having chosen the exact place where he wanted to be.

At Green Resort, we believe that ecotourism is a commitment to serve our visitors, our nature and our region. A philosophy first, inspired by sustainable development, encompassing all forms of tourism respectful of the environment and concerned about the well-being of host populations. But also a voluntary approach of the traveler and the tour operator to minimize the impact on the ecosystem and the local way of life. A participative tourism, which builds a real relationship with the inhabitants, and proposes to reinvent the hospitality, valuing the people, the traditions, the products of the soil. We also adhere to the values of “slow tourism”, praise holidays at your own pace, stay personalized and harmonious.

The European Ecolabel, our guarantee

The strength of our commitment has been recognized by the awarding of the European Ecolabel, a sign of excellence since 1992, which guarantees a high level of requirements in terms of limiting environmental impacts, while maintaining a high level performance. It is at present the only official European Ecolabel recognized at Community level and certified by an independent body.

In the evaluation of our project, 67 criteria guaranteeing the reduction of environmental impacts of services have been analyzed and will now be regularly monitored. Among these criteria: conscious environmental management, training of employees, reduction of energy and water consumption, waste reduction and sorting, wastewater treatment, promotion of clean alternative transport …

The “Green attitude”, our passion

Raising our demands for high quality, ethical, responsible and supportive service is how we envision Green Resort’s commitment as an ecotourism project. We are enthusiastic and have the ambition to make this quest for balance between travel, nature and the local population, a unique, rich and authentic experience.

The forest around us is our heritage, we do not cut a tree to lay a cottage, we go around, protect, admire. The orientation of the accommodations sublimates the natural light of the Landes sun. Under the benevolent shade of these pines, you practice yoga or sophrology. The buzz you perceive at the bend of a path certainly comes from the hives we have installed. In the aisles, only bicycles and pedestrians circulate, but your comfort is essential and an electric car remains at your disposal at the reception. On the beach, our surf instructor tells you about the ocean before you cheer on your first wave. The food is healthy, the waste is treated, the garden pampered …

The success of our project must also be that of our population. It is the inhabitants of Ondres and neighboring municipalities who welcome you to Green Resort and offer you an unforgettable holiday. It is in our pool that the children of the village learn to swim with their teacher and it is on our ground that the Cirkodôme has established its circus school open to the inhabitants. Every day, we invite you to discover the artisans, farmers, artists, cooks of our region, who perpetuate traditions that we are proud and happy to share.

This set of values and this multitude of commitments define the “Green attitude” that we claim. Nature is a luxury, ecotourism is our passion.

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