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Sophrology: the harmonization of the spirit!

Routine, constraints, stress … all this is far behind you. This privileged vacation time is yours, the essential opportunity to take care of your health, your body, your well-being. At Green Resort, this well-being is our priority, so we strive to draw the ideal framework that will allow you to achieve this essential balance. Take advantage of this stay to go in search of harmony in a serene and benevolent thanks to sophrology, a method preferred by our team of experienced therapists.

A calmer routine thanks to relaxation

Sophrology, etymologically the science of the harmonization of the mind, is a dynamic relaxation method, inspired by oriental disciplines, which acts on both the body and the mind. It is based on various personalized breathing techniques, which allow to acquire a better knowledge of oneself in order to apprehend more serenely the daily challenges. Sophrology can be considered as a supportive care accompanying a medical treatment constraint, or simply as a lifestyle for a more calmer routine.

Appeared in the 1960s on the initiative of Alfonso Caycedo, Spanish neuropsychiatrist of Colombian origin, this method is based on techniques that allow patients to become aware of their condition, in order to make them actors in their treatment. During the 1970s, sophrology developed and was structured around three essential principles: to improve the awareness and perception of one’s body, to reinforce self-confidence and to initiate one’s meditation. Very soon, sophrology emancipated from the medical world to attract new areas, such as the corporate environment or the sports field. It can also be a great tool for mediating happy family relationships.

Become the main actor of his well-being

At Green Resort, Sarah Champion, holder of the Certificate of Fundamental Studies in Caycedian Sophrology, shares her experience of sophrology in workshops associated with the practice of yoga and the art of massage.

Listening to your story and your sensitivity, observing the weaknesses and strengths of your body, it will teach you how to grasp your individuality by controlling your movements, your breathing. Sarah will allow you to focus on your needs, your abilities and your limits. You will gradually become the main actor of your well-being. An essential self-knowledge to address stress and the highlights of personal and professional life.

In the privileged setting of Green Resort, Sarah will offer sessions in nature, on the beach or in the forest, adapted to your desires and your pace. Alone or in a group, you will live a rare and personalized wellness experience.

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