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or how to find lifestyle and well-being

Green Resort, we are convinced that nature is a luxury, the greatest strength that can provide physical and mental well-being. She is the indispensable ally of a lasting and firm balance. Here we celebrate every day the benefits of the Landes forest and the Atlantic coast. We invite you to browse these landscapes on foot, by bike, on a stand up board. We invite you to taste with local producers the tasty products of our soil. We encourage you to listen to the wind caress the pines during meditation breaks, yoga, sophrology. We aspire to an agreement between our way of life and the surrounding nature in a multitude of ways. This is a true commitment, clearly exposed and put into practice in the naturopathic workshops offered during your stay.

To care since Antiquity

Appeared since Antiquity with the traditional medicine of Hippocrates, naturopathy was exercised in the West until the beginning of the 20th century. The discovery and use of chemical drugs is gradually overthrowing these traditional medicines and disrupting medical practices despite the parallel development of recognized empirical approaches, such as hypnosis or homeopathy. At the end of the 19th century, the German physician Benedict Lust emigrated to the United States, seduced by the deployment of diversified therapeutic methods from Europe, Asia or Native American peoples, or based on principles of herbalism. He founded naturopathy and created the first school where he learned about herbalism, nutrition, physiotherapy, physiology and many skincare techniques. At the end of the 20th century, this approach took a new lease of life with the appearance of a young generation of university naturopaths graduating. In 1983, the World Health Organization recommended that all countries integrate naturopathy into university curricula and associate it with health services.

A range of natural practices

This discipline, before any preventive, takes into account the being in its entirety and deals in depth with the causes and not the only symptoms. It allows to treat but mainly to preserve the physical and mental health and is based on principles of hygiene of life to be defined according to each one. Naturopathy involves experimenting with a range of natural practices that allow the individual to achieve his or her own balance. To achieve this, the means are very varied: the diet, aromatherapy, the young, herbal medicine, yoga, the practice of outdoor sports, meditation, relaxation, chirology …

A personalized approach with our therapist

By following the naturopathic workshops of Green Resort, you will be accompanied by Brigitte Maury, graduate naturopath, who has been practicing on the Basque Coast for more than twenty years. The first step will consist in first discovering you, knowing your strengths and weaknesses in order to harmoniously adapt the methods used. Listening is at the center of this process which aims to enable you to become an autonomous actor of your health. Brigitte will then invite you to discover the facets of naturopathy most appropriate to your desires and needs, to stimulate your body and your mind.

Brigitte will enlighten you with thematic conferences and will advise you on nutritherapy workshops, such as water fasting (a total abstinence of food for a week), the detoxification treatment (a partial fast allowing three fruit and vegetable juices to be taken per day). day), or the experience of the crusine (the supply of raw and unprocessed products by cooking or chemical processes of the food industry). She will also guide you to all the professionals who make up the Green Resort team, by offering you the practice of yoga and meditation with Emma, or sophrology with Sarah Champion, or the walks on stand-by. up paddle oriented by our surf instructors.

By discovering naturopathy at Green Resort, you will benefit from the strength of a team of experts of well-being and energy of a preserved and generous nature.

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