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La “crusine”, the crazy temptation of the raw

When cooking and eating raw becomes a pleasure

À t Green Resort, the light of the Landes forest and the spray of the ocean provide a new well-being that gives confidence to go on an adventure to unknown territories. We invite you to an original world of flavors and sensations, a new palette of tastes, pure energy found. Let yourself be tempted by the crusine!

The experience of raw eating

There are many fans of raw food, raw food in English, or “know how to eat raw”. This diet, adopted by many athletes, bon vivants and some daring chefs, consumes raw products, unprocessed by cooking or chemical processes of the food industry. This living food enhances the intake of vitamins and nutrients, and allows enzymes, usually destroyed by traditional cooking, to work fully. This new habit improves your health by rapidly strengthening immune defenses and muscle tone. It embellishes the skin and carves the silhouette. By introducing you to the crusine, you will radiate!

The crusine is also a consumption respectful of the environment and an awareness of the origin of what happens on our plate. Short circuits are preferred, organic products become essential.

Our creative and sensory approach

Our naturopath Brigitte Maury invites you to the crusine, the art of consuming differently, differently, with curiosity and good humor! By first discovering your eating habits, Brigitte will lead you smoothly through this transition. She, who knows how much food is emotion, puts all her experience to the benefit of a benevolent accompaniment in this revolution of the senses.

During the workshops, Brigitte shares her recipes by making them at your side. By greedily preparing these dishes, you will come into contact with the basic principles of this practice and understand the rules to follow. You will be astonished to discover how the crusine is a challenge to the imagination, far beyond the simple preparation of fresh salads, you will develop spreads, soups, juices, desserts, amazing compositions … You learn the secrets of sprouted seeds, you will be surprised while enjoying raw rice simply inflated with water. Original colors will invade your plate, intriguing smells will tickle your nostrils. A whole new range of pleasures of mouth is emerging in front of you!

The real discovery will surely be to realize how accessible the adventure is, because eating raw is simple and fast. Simply choose fresh vegetables, cold-pressed vegetable oil, taste this vinegar, these herbs and pine nuts brought back from the Ondres market, to add a little of this honey grown close to the hives. From Green Resort, extract the pure juice from these apples and strawberries purchased from the neighboring maraicher, soak these Chia seeds and watch them slowly gorging themselves with clear water in the shade of the pine forest.

La “crusine” is blooming and discovery, enjoy your stay at the Green Resort to let yourself be carried away by this greedy temptation.

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