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A coach for a surf tripe tailor

Emotion in its pure state, liquid adrenaline, surf leaves no one indifferent. It is always with envy and a hint of admiration that we can see these voltigeurs sitting on their boards before the perfect wave, the moment of grace of take-off and gliding. Green Resort invites you to embark on a unique trip, a surftrip to your measure, the time of an afternoon or a week, with Gautier Garanx, an exceptional coach for experienced surfer or beginner enthusiast.

Coach by a high level champion

Since he got up on his first wave, Gautier Garanx does not stop, far from the swell of the Landes coast, no salvation. Between his studies in Bayonne and a promising start to a career in Bordeaux in the commercial sector, Gautier goes on to compete and travel on the most beautiful seas in the world, from the most rudimentary surfcamps to sumptuous resorts. At her side on the water and in life, always, Sandie, a determined surfer, came from Avignon for a summer in Anglet, quickly seduced by the region and the one who becomes her husband. Sandie specializes in surfbusiness and connects positions with prestigious brands.

As soon as she can, she also encourages Gautier in the championships. She was of course in the front row on this memorable day of 2016, as he rushes the highest wave of the year to Belharra. 19 meters of vertigo that propel him among the elite surf world and offer him the highly respected title of “Biggest Wave Award”.

In 2018, the evidence is obvious, they both leave their post and start the adventure of Pulse Surf Coaching in Ondres. “I took the Professional Surf Certificate to teach,” says Gautier with a smile, and Sandie, who is an extremely rigorous professional, has designed the entire project. We simply chose to live our passion and make it accessible to all. “


Extreme customization

It’s always passionate when we talk about Pulse Surf Coaching. Whatever the level of the one who arrives for his first session, everything is prepared and personalized to the extreme, a custom surf that gautier enthusiastically describes: “When they come here, we have already studied their history with a questionnaire which has been transmitted to them, their combination awaits them with their name, the equipment is a piece of equipment used by professionals, we spend time with each other. »Surfing haute couture version!

Gautier and Sandie are even looking for the most suitable wave for everyone: “We really take time for each session, so we leave in our fully equipped vehicle and we go along the coast to find the perfect spot for the session. The pretty little glassy meter for the beginner or well trained tubes for experienced surfers, who want to work their technique. A real surftrip of a few hours in the Basque-Landes country, during which Gautier and Sandie recount the region and the most beautiful surfing stories. “Our goal is that students reach a certain level of autonomy to have fun, understand what wave suits them and where to go for it. ”

This journey in the world of surfing, Gautier and Sandie push him to the extreme by proposing to the more adventurous and seasoned, to accompany them to the giant waves that form the Atlantic in winter. Riding these aquatic monsters is a privilege à la carte of Pulse Surf Coaching, preceded by a specific training, with available specialized equipment and rigorous safety standards. “The introduction to towed surf is always a breathtaking experience,” says Gautier. With the jetskis, we reach the exact place where we will be able to launch. These are always extraordinary moments, my students live a real pro session! ”

Whether it’s the very first take off on half a meter of swell or an expert maneuver, nothing will escape Gautier’s lens, which has professional water / video equipment. “I use it to perfect the movements, it helps so much to see each other in video, we understand better what we do. And of course, supreme pleasure, at the end of the session, the student leaves with beautiful images: “Even for beginners, Sandie places them on the wave in the right position and I expect them to make the picture, we always have a beautiful image. ”

A commitment to the environment

Passionate Sandie and Gautier are also passionate about the environment and their approach is totally eco-responsible. The wax used is a Landes product based on beeswax, the boards are made of recycled plastic or cork. “We work in total respect with nature and we are proud to put this commitment forward,” says Gautier. Green Resort invites you to discover the kind and passionate approach of Gautier and Sandie. A unique and privileged coaching experience, a real bespoke surftrip.

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