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Freedom and lightness, live the dream of aerobatics

Happy as Agnès flutters on her fabric … meet with Agnes André, an artist pedagogue, choreographer teacher, who confides her joys voltigeuse in her circus school in Ondres, Green Resort.

On the fabric, vertigo gives way to poetry

High, very high sometimes, six or ten meters … Agnes savored her happiness: “I am without protection, without harness, but perched at the top, I know that I give pleasure to people who raise their heads all the way down.

There is a poetic aspect, this moment in the air is magic! Since she was nine and her first trapeze class flying in a vacation club in Southeast Asia, Agnes knows that she “loves flying in the air”.

A child’s certainty that will become a vocation later, as she embarks on a career in tourism. “As an adult, by chance, in a center where I worked, I tried the trapeze again and the same feelings came back to me, this time I did not want to let go.”

She decides to follow a formation of voltigeuse, then of aerial fabric with the Training Center of FLOGAB Aerial Disciplines in Andrésy, where she wins her title of certified teacher. In 2011, it is in her Basque Country of origin that she chooses to settle to share and transmit her art. “I did a lot of performances, demonstrations and classes in very different places. ”

Build a dome to found a circus school

In 2017, she crosses the path of Patrick Dauga, owner of Green Resort, who applauds his talent and after a first season offers him a room, then a space to found his own place. Agnès is enthusiastic and understands that the time has come to realize a dream, that of mounting not a capital but a dome: “I had discovered this in Bordeaux and I find the fantastic shape, it is totally in the image contemporary circus that suits me. In 2018, Agnès invests and creates a place entirely dedicated to the circus arts: the Cirkodôme. It houses its circus school with 90 regular students from the first year. Anyone interested in aerobatics, who wish to experience the thrill of height for a few hours or a few days, is also welcome.

Internships where everyone evolves at their own pace

Fixed trapeze, hoop or acclaimed fabric, Agnes invites you to experience the disciplines of the air safely and benevolently. While it is always impressive to see an artist evolve vertically in all dexterity, Agnès has developed a personal methodology that makes the discipline accessible to everyone: “everyone finds his account, we have fun quickly. The fabric offers a soft touch, playful, one gets tangled in, one winds up. »Acrobatic word, an athlete’s physique is not necessary to start the initiation and the courses are open to children as adults:« everyone follows his rhythm, the important thing is to have fun, to unfold movements with ease, to accept his body and his way of occupying space. “

At the gates of Green Resort, Agnès offers this dream of aerobatics, the opportunity to awaken childhood desires, free and light. Take the Cirkôme track and fly away …

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