Wellness & Relaxation… to the rhythm of nature!

Looking to get away from it all, take a break and look after yourself?

Here’s the Green Resort in ‘Slow tourism’ mode!

The site alone does you good. Time stands still. Its unspoilt forest makes it a place far removed from over-tourism. It radiates positive energy. This eco resort is all about disconnection and “slow tourism”.
Its wellness area, nestling under the trees, has massage cabins and a superb dry sauna. The wooden yoga deck under the pine trees is a very special place.
The ultimate luxury, in fine weather, the Pergola and its romantic curtains await you for a divine moment: a massage in the middle of the forest.
A host of activities dedicated to well-being are provided by young enthusiasts for a new experience. By listening to your own body and its needs, you’ll relearn how to make it move and breathe better…
Unplug, decompress – it’s absolute relaxation!

On the programme:

Each activity has its own specialist. Our 4 yoga teachers, 2 naturopaths, osteopath and 4 masseuses share their expertise and guide you through the various classes and treatments.

  • Yoga (2 sessions a day in season) ;
  • Reiki sessions;
  • Afghani walking (mindfulness walking in the forest) ;
  • Forest bath (Sylvotherapy) ;
  • Bungy pump ;
  • Fitness toy board ;
  • Run HIIT ;
  • Pilates ;
  • Massages ;
  • Duo massage ;
  • Forest massage ;
  • Foot reflexology ;
  • Physiotherapy / LPF (Low Pressure Fitness) ;
  • Detox courses ;
  • Naturopathy ;
  • Osteopath ;

Japanese time
with our Sushi Corner…

After a gentle effort, a fresh comfort! Our Sushi Corner will prepare Japanese specialties and vegan dishes to delight your taste buds.

Moments, encounters, experiences…

You’ll leave this cocoon with a collection of memorable moments, life-saving breaks, simple pleasures like the smile on our team’s face, inspiring encounters like our beekeeper, our surf instructor, our yoga teacher, or our goatherd… enough to reconcile you with the world and recharge your batteries.

Green Resort lives in harmony with its surroundings and is all about nature!

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