“We are aware of the chance we have, to be born here, in Ondres, in the South of Landes or at the gates of the Basque Country:

  • In an area where it is possible to enjoy the immensity of the Landes Forest, hundreds of kilometres of cycle paths, a natural beach which extends for kilometres.
  • In a territory that does not experience pollution, traffic congestion, mass urbanization, uncontrolled discharge into the environment… at least for the moment,
  • In an area where you can hear birds and cicadas singing without background noise, where when you raise your head, the stars appear without light pollution,
  • In a territory which has a life, a soul, a history, a gastronomy, an authenticity, a local culture, a terroir…

We would like to share with you this territory which saw us born, which saw the birth of our ancestors and our children within ESPACE BLUE OCÉAN and GREEN RESORT

We manage these two sites, in a world where Sustainable Development is often wishful thinking. But very modestly and on our scale, we are committed, in compliance with legal provisions and with the provisions of the European Ecolabel as a framework, to:

  • Prevent pollution risks,
  • Optimize the management of natural resources and at the same time the production of waste,
  • Maintain and improve the quality of fauna and flora,
  • Guide purchases in favour of products with environmental guarantees,
  • Communicate on practices and results related to the environment,
  • Allow each of our employees to flourish in their work,
  • Put the satisfaction of our customers: you, at the centre of all our decisions!

Keeping these commitments will only be made possible by the involvement of everyone: us, of course, but without you, dear holidaymakers, we can do nothing.

We are counting on you to uphold our values during your stay… in this beautiful territory.”

Patrick DAUGA


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